Tree Transplanting in February

February 28, 2023

It's February, and Christmas is long gone, but for us, it's actually a great time to start transplanting our Christmas trees. There are actually a number of benefits to transplanting early, particularly February.

One of the biggest advantages of transplanting your Christmas trees in February is that the trees are in a state of dormancy. This means that their growth has slowed down significantly, and they are not actively producing new buds. Transplanting during this time can be less stressful for the tree, as it has less chance of experiencing shock or damage from the transplant process.

With the mild winter we've had in our area, the ground is not frozen, and therefore is easy to dig and set the trees. We typically transplant at the very start of March, but couldn't turn down the opportunity to get a head start on our planting season at the farm.

We took the time to record our process of Christmas Tree transplanting since we have a slightly different approach to transplanting to help us maximize the turnover of our spaces.

In our video you'll see us go through the process of:

  • Digging out the stumps from trees that were cut this past season.
  • Preparing the spaces for transplants
  • Digging our transplants out of the beds
  • Transplanting the trees into their new spot in the field
  • Plus we go over the equipment we use to help pull it off.

Check out our YouTube video about transplanting at Emmerich Tree Farm.

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