How to tie a Christmas Tree for safe travel

August 17, 2021

Get your fresh tree home safely

A simple guide to help you tie up your freshly cut Christmas Tree

Plan ahead with the right vehicle

Most vehicles can transport a Christmas Tree, but there are some that are better suited than others. For example, a roof rack provides more tie down options than no rack. If you do not have a roof rack, the tree will have to be tied through the doors for secure transport.

Bringing a blanket can be helpful

Laying a blanket down on your roof before putting the tree on it can help make tying the tree easier and provide some padding between the tree and your finish.

Trees travel butt first

When tying the tree, make sure the tree is put onto the roof of the vehicle with the butt end facing forward. The tree should be balanced on the roof as well so that it's weight is distributed evenly over the center of the roof.

Tying your tree

We will assist you with tying on-site and recommend you ask for help if you are unfamiliar with tying down loads for transport. If you are familiar with tying down loads, we recommend two to three ropes or straps, with the first one going around the front of the trunk and in-between the thickest lower branches. This can be difficult to weave through the branches, but worth the extra effort as this helps secure the heaviest part of the tree and prevents movement in both directions. The second rope or strap should be placed at the center of the tree and should provide enough downward pressure to prevent the tree from lifting or moving side to side. A third rope should be added for larger trees or for extra security.

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