How to cut a Christmas Tree

August 17, 2021

Tips for cutting your own Christmas Tree

Prepare to cut

Once you have selected your tree, plan out the best spot to cut it from. Plan to cut with your dominant hand being the closest to the ground. Find the best spot to lay or crouch down so that you can get your saw perpendicular to the tree stem.

Starting the cut

Once you get into position, start your cut close to the ground and perpendicular to the stem. Draw the bowsaw backwards on the stem, then forwards, keeping the blade at the same angle. It is important to let the saw do the cutting, so only light pressure into the cut is needed.

Finishing the cut

As you cut through the tree patience and consistency is key. Maintain a steady rhythm using long smooth strokes both forward and backward. The saw will cut in both directions so it is important to maintain a consistent angle on the cut. As you near the end of the cut, have a member of your party hold the trunk of the tree towards the top or middle to take some pressure off the cutting blade. This will allow you to finish the cut smoothly and keep the tree upright.

Cleaning up the cut

If your cut is not perfect, no need to worry, we put a fresh cut on the bottom of every tree once it is processed.

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