How to find the right caterer for your DIY wedding

August 17, 2021

Find a caterer you are comfortable with

Communication is key

Start by reaching out to some prospective caterers to get information on what they offer. They should be prompt in replying to you and should be clear in what they offer. Make sure that you are comfortable communicating with them and can see yourself planning your event with them.

Visit their restaurant or space

Be sure to arrange for a visit to taste the food and see where they operate day to day. If they are organized and the food is great, that's a great sign that they can handle your event. If they seem a bit unorganized or inconsistent with their food, it could be a cause for concern.

Make sure the menu fits

Most caterers will offer a variety of food options but if you have something specific in mind, be sure to ask them if it's something they have done before. You don't necessarily want your event to be the first time they are trying something new.

Remember to talk details

Catering contracts often come with a variety of things included, and some things that are not included. It's best to get a handle on this early so that you know what additional services you may need to hire out, such as cake, flowers, dishware, rentals, etc.

Once you book with us, we can provide you with a recommended list of caterers that we have worked with to help get you started.

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