How to care for your Christmas Tree

August 17, 2021

3 tips to keep your Christmas Tree fresh.

A simple guide to help you care for your freshly cut Christmas Tree

Keep it watered

After cutting your tree, it's best to get it into fresh water as soon as possible. This prevents the cut part from drying out, which could limit water uptake. If you are traveling far, or can't get it into water within 8 hours, it is best to put a new fresh cut on the bottom to ensure it will drink water. A fresh cut can also be helpful if the tree butt gets dirty during transport.

Find the right place

Where you put your tree can impact how much moisture the tree will retain. If your tree is too close to a heat source, it could dry out the tree faster.

No additives required

Additives are an extra expense and do not increase the life of your tree. It's best to avoid additives and just ensure they simply have enough water. That's what they're used to.

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